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Hiddens Sums is one of the addition type games in Action Solitaire. It is based on the game Get 11. It differs from Get 11 in that unavailable cards are face down.

Hidden Sums

Screenshot of Hidden Sums

Hidden Sums begins with a layout of 22 cards. To play, you select sets of cards that add to 11. You can select any number of cards, as long as they add up to 11.

The simple 2 cards sets are Ten/Ace, Nine/Two, Eight/Three, Seven/Four, and Six/Five. But you can also select multiple card sets, such as a Nine and two Aces, or a Six, a Three, and two Aces.

Any combination of available cards that add to 11 is possible. All face up cards in the layout are available, along with the top card of the waste pile.

If there are no possible sets of cards to select that will add to 11, click on the face down stock to turn over a new card to the waste.

The objective in Hidden Sums, as in all games in Action Solitaire, is to score as many points as possible. To maximize your score, you need to know how many points you can score for various actions.

The most important score is 10,000 bonus points for clearing all the cards off the layout. This means that you will want to clear the layout of cards in every round if possible. To do this, you will want to select cards from within the layout rather than using the top card of the waste, if you have a choice.

For each set of cards that add to 11, you score 1500 points. You score an additional 100 to 600 points per card based on how deep in the layout it is (cards in the bottom row score 100, while the card buried deepest in the layout scores 600). You score 300 for using the top card of the waste. This means that the more cards you use in a set, the more points you score.

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Taking a card from the stock subtracts 200 points. This means that you don't want to turn over any more cards than you have to.

Some additional tips:

Although you earn more points by removing sets containing more cards, removing too many small ranked cards will result in having too many large ranked cards at the end, meaning you will not clear the tableau. Therefore removing cards in pairs is best until you get close to clearing the layout.

Clearing the tableau earns 10000 bonus points, but you get these points only once per round. If you clear the tableau before the end of the round, continue playing to earn more points. Even though ending the round early would result in more time bonus points, it is generally worthwhile to play longer and earn points by selecting more cards.

What's the best score?

It's a new game and we don't yet know how high you can score, but scores of 3,000,000 or better in 80 rounds or more are possible. You want to average 40,000 or more points in each round.

As you play more rounds the amount of time you have to play each round decreases, which means you need to build up a cushion of extra points in the early rounds so that you can survive the later rounds.

Have fun playing Hidden Sums!

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