Action Solitaire Features

A fast paced, exciting new way to play solitaire!


Screenshot of the game Spider

  • quick mouse and keyboard shortcuts for easy play

  • play fast paced solitaire in timed rounds.

  • practice mode where you can play without worrying about the clock

  • automatic game saving on exit

  • submit your score to our online scores site (registered version only)

  • automatic card moving to the foundations

  • full history of the scores of all games played

  • statistics for multiple players

  • selectable card backs

  • selectable background colors or images for each game

Triple Towers - Triple Peaks - Tri-Peaks

Screenshot of the game Triple Peaks

  • download additional beautiful card sets

  • 5 sizes of cards

  • 75 different solitaire games

Games in Action Solitaire

The 75 games in Action Solitaire

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Action Solitaire

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